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What are hemorrhoids Causes and Symptoms
Infrared Coagulation Rubber Band Ligation Ligasure Procedure
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Educational Video

To better understand the causes and symptoms of hemorrhoids, please watch this video. It discusses and provides an explanation of a painless, outpatient banding procedure. This procedure allows patients to return to normal activities immediately after appointment.

Medical and Sclerotherapy for Hemorrhoids

    • Conservative therapies used primarily for first degree hemorrhoids.
    • Mainstays of medical therapy involve dietary modifications, stool bulking agents, Sitz baths/warm compresses, topical medications and suppositories.
    • The above are of questionable longterm benefit.
    • Sclerotherapy principle involves injecting a sclerosant solution at the base of an internal hemorrhoid.
    • This leads to inflammation, fibrosis, and contraction of the anal cushions.
    • Successful sclerotherapy will result in a 75% rate of resolution or improvement in carefully selected patients with bleeding first and second degree hemorrhoids.
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